Outstanding: A Comedy RevolutionOutstanding: A Comedy Revolution
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Outstanding: A Comedy RevolutionMovie on Netflix

A groundbreaking comedian challenges societal norms through humor in this eye-opening documentary.


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What role has comedy played in the LGBTQIA+ movement, and what role have LGBTQIA+ comedians had in stand-up comedy? These are some of the questions answered by the documentary Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution. Featuring testimonies from artists like Lily Tomlin, Trixie Mattel, Tig Notaro, Wanda Sykes, Billy Eichner, Rosie O'Donnell, and many others, this film spans a century of comedy history, revealing not only the changing times but also the power of humor to impact popular culture and, over time, provoke changes in social consciousness. The documentary gets a bit lost in the "talking heads" format, but even so, it has much to teach even the most knowledgeable on the subject.



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This rapturous documentary steps into the dynamic world of queer stand-up and examines the powerful cultural influence it has had on social change in America. The film combines rare archival materials, stand-up performances, and interviews with a show-stopping lineup to present a definitive history of queer comedy.

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