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All the Fires

A misunderstood teenager escapes home to live with a young pyromaniac, questioning his sexuality and dealing with his father's death.


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All the Fires (Todos los incendios), winner of the Best Actor award at the Morelia Festival 2023, is a unique Mexican coming-of-age film. The plot follows a boy who, frustrated by his father's death and his mother's new romance, expresses himself through pyromania. One day, he decides to escape to visit a friend in another state, and spends a few days that will change his life. Fire is a multifaceted symbol in this story, oscillating between rage, boiling sexuality, self-destruction, and purification. Although sometimes forced in its symbolism, it is a great LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age story.



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Plot summary

Conflicted by his mother's new relationship and his best friend's crush on him, Bruno, a pyromaniac teenager, escapes from the city. He sets off on a journey in search of a girl he meets online who will push him to confront his father's death and the doubts about his sexuality, but not before leaving behind all his fires.

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