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Longtime girlfriends reunite in Napa for a 50th birthday, but past tensions create conflict.


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Amy Poehler, famous for productions such as 'Saturday Night Live', 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Baby Mama', produces, directs and stars in this exclusive Netflix movie. 'Wine Country' also features a star-studded cast of American comedies, featuring names like Rachel Dratch ('Click'), Maya Rudolph ('Bridesmaids') and, of course, Amy's long-time SNL partner: Tina Fey. The story takes place in the picturesque Napa Valley, famous for wine production in California, and perhaps works better as a travel guide than a comedy film due to its predictable jokes, but still the final result is fun.



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When a group of longtime girlfriends goes to Napa for the weekend to celebrate their friend's 50th birthday, tensions from the past boil over.

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