Luccas Neto in: Summer CampLuccas Neto in: Summer Camp
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Luccas Neto in: Summer CampMovie on Netflix

Luccas and Gi face off against bullies at a gymkhana camp in this fun musical.


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YouTube phenomenon, especially among children, creator Luccas Neto has "taken a liking" to producing feature films. This is the third movie of Luccas in just over six months, and follows the formula of the previous ones: a modest production, with a low budget and that seeks to honor films from the past (mainly from the 1980s and 1990s) while repeating some formulas seen on the youtuber's channel. The final result may be far from the great youth productions, but it manages to enchant Luccas' audience - while surprisingly having enough references to deserve the attention of parents.



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Plot summary

Luccas and Gi are heading to a world famous gymkhana camp. Only problem: so are their bullies... A fun musical that will get you in a vacation mood.

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