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    Fernanda Romandía
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    One of the most influential and recognized architects in the world, Tadao Ando, will guide us through an intimate journey from his studio in Japan to the construction of Casa Wabi in the Pacific coast of Mexico. While we see his magnificent work coming to be, we will be welcomed into his world and learn his way of appreciating life, the arts, and his passion for architecture.

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    A documentary about architecture, the creative process through the foundations and all the way until the building fits with the environment. Narrated by the self-taught, Pritzker Prize-winning Tadao Ando, one of the great architects of our time, who talks about his way of looking at life, beauty, art, architecture, and his profound links to the simplicity that connects with the most intimate humanity. With her camera, director Fernanda Romandía captures the construction of Casa Wabi, Bosco Sodi’s Foundation art residence by the mexican Pacific coast. A construction process that utilizes simple materials such as concrete, wood, palm and sand. One by one, pieces fit together as we watch the building own its space by the Pacific.



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