The Congo MurdersThe Congo Murders
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The Congo Murders

Two Norwegians accused of murder in the Congo face a dangerous manhunt.


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"Murder in Congo" follows the journey of two Norwegians who are accused of killing their own driver while attempting to cross Eastern Congo. Fast-paced and with a desperate story, the film is one of those productions that speaks of a human drama, but does not hesitate to bring classic elements of action and adventure to enliven the story - such as chases, punches and other things of the kind. It is a movie that comes to please two audiences: those who want an accelerated survival adventure in an "exotic" environment, and also those who like international tragedies, such as 'The Impossible'. However, it is worth warning: this production is Norwegian, making it clear that it never questions at any moment the version of the two boys who actually lived this dramatic story in Congo.



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In the spring of 2009 two Norwegian adventurers, Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland, are accused of killing their hired chauffeur just before crossing into the eastern Congo. The following manhunt starts a political and diplomatic headache.

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