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A struggling filmmaker navigates personal and professional turmoil while editing his latest project.


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The Egyptian film 'Exterior/Night' (or 'EXT. Night') is a differentiated movie, with evident echoes of Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi's cinema ('Taxi', '3 Faces'). It tells the story of a young filmmaker who, on a taxi ride, ends up going to marginal neighborhoods in Cairo, Egypt without wanting to. Provocative and with a strong social and political content, the feature film is a dive into the darker side of the African country and shows how society can have different looks, gestures, and behaviors. It is not entirely original, given the similarity of director Ahmad Abdalla's cinema with Panahi's works. But it does not take away from the revelations.



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Moe has problems. His film set is filled with offscreen drama, his novelist friend has landed in prison for publishing “profound language,” and his girlfriend just left him. Plus, all he really wants to do is work on his own films, not the commercial gigs he’s been taking. With all this on his plate, the last thing he relishes is finishing editing across town. Goaded into this by his team, he has no idea how long his day is about to become...

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