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Everything about Action movies

When we think of action movies, it is normal to immediately remember the productions with gunfire, explosions and chases. 

But while this is the basis of the genre, the diversity of narratives and styles that can be found is impressive. 

Of course, older action movies have helped shape the genre, and have even become somewhat obvious, with all the shootings, fights and characters that alternate between funny and grumpy. 

But it is still possible to find great stories being told parallel to all the allegories that films of this type present to viewers.

Keep reading and get to know the curiosities and details of the most adrenaline-pumping film genre:

What was the first action movie in history?

It seems like yesterday, but the film considered to be the first action movie in cinema is from 1903! 

'The Great Train Robbery' is an American film from the silent film era that revolutionized the way filming was done, using innovative capture and editing techniques for the period. 

Just over 10 minutes long, the film tells the story of thieves who rob a train and then try to escape. 

The surprise is that in one scene, one of the robbers points his gun at the camera and shoots, which at the time caused some panic, as people believed they might be hit by the bullet.

How did the action genre become popular?

Generally speaking, action movies have the strong characteristic of being effortless entertainers, using the struggle between good and evil to decorate heroes and put the "bad guys" behind bars. 

Especially in the 1980s and 1990s the big action franchises followed the pattern of many scenes with body fights, gunfights, good guys vs. bad guys, and a mission to be accomplished. 

Movies like 'Speed' and 'Die Hard' illustrate these characteristics well.

However, in the 60s and 70s films with Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee were already taking many people to the movie theaters, from fans of police action films to martial fighters. 

Titles like 'Enter the Dragon' became classics that have spanned generations and inspire new directors to this day.

Over time, films have begun to work more on the way they tell the events, adapting according to the focus and purpose of each story.

The heroes are not always totally good guys with a good past, but this can easily be put aside when the villains are presented without scruples.

A good example of this is the cold-blooded dog killers of 'John Wick', which, as simple as it may seem in terms of script, gave birth to one of the best recent action franchises, with a fight that goes beyond good versus evil.

In fact, the films of the 'John Wick' franchise have changed the way people look at action cinema in recent years. They are more stylish, the camera is more fixed, and the fight scenes are more intense. It is delightful to watch, and has influenced many films that came after.

With easy-to-swallow scripts and a strong hero's journey being presented, it's not so hard to understand why this kind of story has such a great legacy of fans.

How does action blends with other genres?

It is perfectly common for the best action movies to have doses of adventure.

Mortal Kombat' is a great example of this, since its story is inspired by one of the most famous video games of all time.

It is also worth mentioning films that merge perfectly with other genres, especially suspense, science fiction, and comedy. 

'Bloodshot', with Vin Diesel, brings several elements of science fiction cinema, while 'Spenser Confidential', exclusive to Netflix, is made to make the viewer alternate between excitement and laughter.

You may even think that you don't like action. But the fact is that you need to find the kind of film within the genre that suits you best: the stylish ones, the classic ones, the ones for fun, or even those that mix references and influences. 

Even though it is a more plastered genre, action also has diversity, and can please you.

Action movies with women

For years this type of movie has brought the stereotype of strong men who know how to fight and shoot (and in many of them need to save a woman in trouble).

However, we see that cinema has changed this vision and increasingly brings women as protagonists and other important roles, and not only love interests of the main characters.

Women have gained more space on the scene, in roles as fighters, avengers, and even great villains. 

Get to know some titles in the genre in which strong and empowered women are portrayed:

Tomb Raider;

Atomic Blonde;

Alita: Battle Angel;

Ocean's 8

Kill Bill.

Which action movies are to watch now?

There are great action movies to watch online on various platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others. 

Below are the special lists that Filmelier has brought for those who are in search of a new movie to enjoy:

Action movies on Netflix;

Action movies on Amazon Prime Video;

Action movies on Apple TV.

Check all the action movies in the list below and enjoy it!

675 titles for Action