Nosso Tudo BemNosso Tudo Bem

Nosso Tudo Bem

Hugo and Dandara's long-distance relationship is tested when she gets a job in another state.

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The second part of the romance we knew in 2020, 'Tudo Bem', has arrived. The new story is a direct continuation of the first movie. In 'Nosso Tudo Bem', Hugo and Dandara continue their relationship that began before the coronavirus pandemic and face a new conflict, which has nothing to do with the Brazilian crisis due to covid-19. The production shows the evolution of debut filmmaker Caio César, who not only grew in the script but also in direction. The movie brings back a light, enjoyable story to watch and full of pop culture references.



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Hugo and Dandara go through a crisis in the relationship when she finds a job in another state.

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