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Red Rocket

A washed-up porn star returns to his small Texas hometown, causing destruction in his path.


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After films like 'Project Florida' and 'Tangerina', filmmaker Sean Baker has become one of the most interesting names in Hollywood independent cinema - and 'Red Rocket' solidifies this perception. Just like in his other films, which talk about excluded and rejected figures from society, the feature film here explores the figure of Mikey (Simon Rex), an actor of adult films in decline who decides to go back to his hometown. But of course, nobody wants him there, forcing him to go through a search to prove himself and show that he is worthy of being there, in that space. Special mention for the performance of Rex ('Scary Movie 3'), in the great (perhaps only so far) film of his career.



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Mikey Saber is forced to return to his small-town Texas roots after flaming out and burning bridges all throughout LA. A washed up porn star and charismatic con man, Mikey quickly begins plotting his path back to the big time causing destruction every step of the way.

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