The Faculties

Eloisa Solaas
The FacultiesThe Faculties


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Eloisa Solaas hadn't directed a film since 1999 and returns with the documentary 'The Faculties', which chronicles university life in Argentina. With a focus on final exams at public universities, the director captures all the anxiety and pressure that students suffer during this stage. This is a very particular and even unexpected film, due to its theme. Another intriguing point of view is to see how the tests affect students from different social classes differently. Solaas begins to study those who are constantly being evaluated for their studies.



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From a film student unable to remember much about Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin to a felon trying to rebuild his life, Argentinian students of different careers prepare for their final exams. Moving between the drama and the absurdity of a dozen examinations, unexpected relationships are found.

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