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Escape The UndertakerMovie on Netflix

The New Day faces supernatural challenges at a haunted mansion.


Why watch this film?

WWE's special interactive movie, an American entertainment company known for working with professional wrestling, 'Escape the Undertaker' is another Netflix exclusive that puts the control of the story in the viewer's hands. Here, director Ben Simms (also of the interactive 'You Radical: Safari') plays with scares, jumpscares, and some inside jokes about a group needing to survive in a haunted mansion. Although it has a certain parody air, especially for not taking itself seriously at key moments, 'Escape the Undertaker' should entertain most of the audience, even with reservations, and give some good scares as this interactive story progresses.



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Can The New Day survive the surprises at The Undertaker's spooky mansion? You can decide their fate!

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