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A pregnant woman in a migrant farming community experiences terrifying visions.


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Part of the second edition of 'Welcome to the Blumhouse', a special horror from Amazon Prime Video also composed of 'Bingo Hell' and 'Black as Night', 'Madres' tells the story of a Mexican-American couple who, while waiting for their first child, decide to move to a migrant agricultural community in 1970s California. From there, filmmaker Ryan Zaragoza plays with the paranoia and unrestrained fear of these characters to cause terror also on the other side of the screen, in the viewers. Without great surprises, the movie ends up following the same line seen in all the other productions of 'Welcome to the Blumhouse', with generic terror, but that should work for those looking for a passing fun and to get some scares without commitment.



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A Mexican-American couple expecting their first child relocate to a migrant farming community in 1970's California. When the wife begins to experience strange symptoms and terrifying visions, she tries to determine if it's related to a legendary curse or something more nefarious.

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