Detetive MadeinusaDetetive Madeinusa
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Detetive Madeinusa

A bumbling detective is hired to solve the theft of a prized ox with the help of a muddled team.


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It's always special when we see big names of Brazilian humor joining forces for a movie - and that's the case with the new Amazon Prime Video exclusive production 'Detetive Madeinusa', starring Tirulipa and Whindersson Nunes. The movie tells the story of a rookie detective (Tirulipa) who is hired by a billionaire lobbyist (Whindersson) to investigate the theft of a prize-winning bull. To unravel the mystery, the detective assembles an unbeatable team to embark together on this adventurous and funny investigation. It's very hard not to know the work of Tirulipa or Whindersson nowadays, both very famous in comedy and with previous successes in cinema like 'Os Parças'. And, once again, they put on a show. Tirulipa is the protagonist and carries a lot of the movie's comedy in his already known and beloved style. In addition to the two, the cast also features Antonio Tabet, mainly known from Porta dos Fundos. A gem of the new national humor that will make fans of the protagonists' style laugh out loud.



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Madeinusa is a former politician turned bumbling detective. He is hired by Neldson, a millionaire lobbyist, to unravel the theft of a prized ox and will have the help of an even more muddled team.

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