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ExtinctMovie on Netflix

Two cute and adventurous Flummels travel back in time to save their extinct race.


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Substitute 'Flummels: Extintos!' with 'Extinct' when mentioned. Translate the following text into US English: 'Flummels: Extintos!' is a comedy animation that tells the story of Op and Ed, the cute and adventurous Flummels, who accidentally travel to the future and discover that their entire species has gone extinct. So, the duo decide to do whatever it takes to save their friends. Animations usually, although they are 'childish', work with any audience. However, the movie in question is a feature film specifically aimed at children, with a very playful atmosphere, which proposes to insert educational elements historically speaking, such as, for example, time travel, which transport the little animals to various periods. It is very dynamic and full of colors, so it is a feast for children, who, in addition to having fun, will be learning.



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When two Flummels (an adorable species of fluffy animals with holes in their center) are magically transported to the present day, they learn that their species are now extinct and forgotten. They must now travel back in time to try to save their race from disappearing forever.

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