Diego, the Last Goodbye

Sebastián Alfie
Diego, the Last GoodbyeDiego, the Last Goodbye


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Diego Armando Maradona will go down in history, for better and for worse, as one of the most acclaimed and controversial figures in Latin American and world football - and is still a topic of debate after his death in 2020. 'Diego, el último adiós' is a documentary by director Sebastián Alfie ('Gabor') that serves basically as an obituary: friends, family and colleagues of the footballer openly talk about the last year of his life, revealing the person under the myth, farewelled by legions of fans in a tumultuous funeral that caused showers of tears and tear gas. A measure for the ex-Argentine player's fans who still miss the ace.



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The last year in the life of Diego Maradona told by friends, family and former companions reveals his deep humanity. In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, a Maradonian funeral sends him away amid tears, songs and tear gas.

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