Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang SyneSnoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne
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Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne

Lucy throws the ultimate New Year's Eve party while Charlie Brown tries to fulfill his resolutions.


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End of year is traditionally marked by warm and fun holiday releases. In this atmosphere, fans of the comic strip and animation 'Peanuts' (also known in Brazil as Minduim, Charlie Brown's gang) have one more special! Exclusive to Apple TV+, 'Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne' is a festive end-of-year special that features Lucy and the Minduim gang as they prepare to celebrate the holidays with lots of fun. An unmissable special from a gang that has marked and still marks generations today, and a great event for the whole family!



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After the Peanuts gang experience a disappointing Christmas because Grandma can’t visit, Lucy resolves to throw herself the best New Year’s Eve party ever, while Charlie Brown struggles to accomplish just one of his resolutions before the clock strikes twelve.

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