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Human Factors

A couple's clashing priorities are tested when a politically charged client is signed, leading to a mysterious home invasion.


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In clear inspiration from Michael Haneke's cinema, 'Der Menschliche Faktor' starts from a curious premise: a mysterious invasion of a house stirs up the emotions of a cosmopolitan middle-class family nucleus. Gradually, then, filmmaker and screenwriter Ronny Trocker reveals the fragility of truth and the power of individual perspective, offering good provocations about society, family and coexistence. Although it misses some opportunities to be more forceful than it really is, the feature film ends up revealing itself as a profound study of human relationships in a boiling society.



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Couple Nina and Jan sign a politically charged client at the advertising agency they co-own, forcing them to confront their clashing priorities. To escape mounting tensions, they whisk their kids away to a seaside vacation, where a mysterious home invasion sets everything off balance.

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