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Maurice Trouwborst
Captain NovaCaptain Nova

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A science fiction about a dystopian future. In the plot, a pilot needs to prevent a global disaster and for that, she goes back in time, but things don't go as expected because she returns to childhood. In this context, it is difficult for people to give value to her warning, since she becomes a 12-year-old girl. 'Captain Nova' is a Dutch production and brings a message - a bit late - about environmental problems. Despite this, it is still relevant, especially for a younger audience. It is a well-worked movie, which involves the viewer and with good performances.



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In 2050, Earth has become a dry and desolate place. Fighter pilot Nova is forced to travel back in time to prevent a devastating environmental disaster, however an unforeseen side-effect of time travel makes Nova young again and she crash lands into 2025 as a twelve-year old. Nobody seems to take her and her mission seriously, except for Nas - a neglected teen who tries to keep this mysterious girl and her little flying robot ADD out of the hands of the secret service. Will Nova and Nas succeed in saving the future world?

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