Romantic Guide to Lost Places

Giorgia Farina

106 min

Romantic Guide to Lost PlacesRomantic Guide to Lost Places

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In this unconventional love and friendship story, Clive Owen ('Closer: Too Close') and Jasmine Trinca play two strangers who, by force of destiny, embark on a journey together. She, a young and anxious travel journalist, he, a middle-aged alcoholic. From this unexpected encounter, we have a sweet and melancholic road movie through inhospitable places in Europe -- and which is also a journey of self-discovery with these characters. With an air of 'Leaving Las Vegas', the film also features Irène Jacob ('The Double Life of Veronique').



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With Clive Owen and Irène Jacob. Two strangers, both trapped in a life of lies, set off together on an extraordinary journey through Europe exploring forgotten places, while coming to terms with their own pasts.

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