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HustleMovie on Netflix

A basketball scout discovers an amateur player in Spain and helps him reach the NBA.


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Adam Sandler in a critically acclaimed movie? That's the case with 'Hustle', an exclusive Netflix feature that brings the actor and producer in a kind of 'Jerry Maguire: The Great Turnaround' story. In the story, Sandler is a basketball talent scout who is looking for the next big name to pave the way for his comeback in the NBA - on a journey full of challenges. Thus, we do not have the actor's usual comedy, but rather a sports drama comedy with a redemption story that is punctuated by (good) jokes. All this results in a production that takes Sandler out of the ordinary, which is always interesting (although far from what was seen in 'Uncut Gems'). Beyond the sports context, we all have stories of challenges and overcoming in our own professional careers, which helps to create empathy and a sense of belonging to the story told on the screen.



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After being fired, pro basketball scout, Stanley Beren, is excited, for the first time in a very long while, when he serendipitously discovers Spanish amateur baller, Bo Cruz, playing in a park outside Madrid. Fueled with new-found purpose, Stanley makes it his mission to groom Bo for the NBA as he believes they both can make it.

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