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The Crusade

A couple discovers their son's secret ecological project to save the planet.


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Louis Garrel is one of the most recognizable faces of contemporary French cinema. In addition to starring in films like 'The Dreamers' and 'Adorable Women', the star is also a director - and it is precisely the director of 'La Croisade'. In this story, a couple (Garrel and Laetitia Casta) discovers that their 13-year-old son (Joseph Engel) is selling valuable family items to finance a secret ecological project in Africa. Thus, the comedy - which has a concise and direct script (only 67 minutes of projection - debates the future of our plan, but in an optimistic way and revealing, as the meme says, that "the base is strong".



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Cannes Festival. Con Louis Garrel. In this fun comedy, a couple discovers that their 13-year-old son has sold several valuables to fund a secret ecological project with an ambitious mission: to save the planet.

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