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CentauroMovie on Netflix

A talented motorcycle racer becomes a criminal runner to protect his family from drug traffickers.


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'Centauro' is a Spanish remake of the French movie 'Asphalt of Blood' (2017), directed by Daniel Calparsoro ('Until Heaven') - a filmmaker who, throughout his career, has forged a vast experience in preparing fast-paced and action-packed stories. 'Centauro' is no exception, as from the start you will be held captive by a frenetic show where motorcycle chases are the protagonists. If you are already a fan of Spanish productions, you will certainly recognize some faces such as Álex Monner ('Elite'), who gives life to Rafa; as well as the performance of Carlos Bardem. With no great pretensions in its plot, the movie seeks to capture the attention of those looking for entertainment with a good dose of action.



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Addicted to strong emotions and speed, Rafa struggles to become a professional motorcycle racer, until he discovers that his son's mother owes a debt to drug traffickers. To keep his family safe, Rafa decides to put his talent as a runner at the service of the criminal organization. A circuit racer by day, reckless kamikaze by night, Rafa is soon forced to make decisions that will change his life forever.

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