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The Colour Room

A working-class woman in 1920s Britain revolutionizes the ceramics industry with her artistic vision.


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A period biographical drama inspired by the life of Clarice Cliff, a woman who revolutionized the ceramics industry in 1920s Great Britain and, in the process, became a feminist icon. 'The Colour Room' tells the story of the protagonist (played by Phoebe Dynevor of 'Bridgerton' in her first film), from when she started as a factory worker to when she broke through the glass ceiling with her artistic vision for ceramics. It's a conventional drama and in some moments its television-crafted manufacture is evident, but Dynevor's performance, alongside her co-stars Matthew Goode ('The Last Night') and David Morrissey ('My Name is John Lennon'), lift it up, making it an enjoyable and inspiring movie.



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'The Colour Room' follows the journey of a determined, working class woman, Clarice Cliff, as she breaks the glass ceiling and revolutionises the workplace in the 20th century. Clarice Cliff is a vivacious young factory worker in the industrial British midlands of the 1920s - Bursting at the seams with ideas for colours and shapes, Clarice takes more and more dangerous risks - but she manages to stay one step ahead of the workhouse and impress the eccentric factory owner Colley Shorter on the way with her talent and innovation

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