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Paper & Glue

An urban artist uses public art to give voice to everyday people around the world.


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Known among cinephiles for having collaborated with the legendary Agnès Varda on her penultimate film, 'Visages, Villages', French urban artist and photographer JR directs the documentary 'Paper & Glue' - which in turn explores his work as an artist and the power it has in communities around the world. Crossing the rooftops of Paris, a maximum security prison in California and the US-Mexico border wall, JR raises questions about the power of art to provoke social change. The artist does not give a definitive answer (perhaps there never was one and probably never will be), but the documentary is undeniably inspiring in showing one of the proven powers of art: giving voice to the voiceless.



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Using unexpected canvasses, JR's intention is to give a global voice to everyday people through a genre-blending combination of public art, photography and large format spectacle.

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