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A musician searches for a missing girl and takes on a new identity.


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Tralala (Mathieu Almaric) is a man who spends his days singing in the streets of Paris. Free from family, relationships, and financial ties, he is a lone man who is not recognized for his talent or by anyone who has passed through his life. Everything changes when he meets a younger woman who disappears and Tralala becomes obsessed with finding her. The direction of brothers Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu results in a different, if not unusual, musical - which may please or displease, since the melodies don't work so well. In short, this is the typical French film that shows a man in a mid-life crisis with an obsession for a younger woman.



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A 48-year-old singer/songwriter in search of the Virgin Mary takes on a new identity as guitarist Pat, who has disappeared.

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