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Abdel must navigate family conflict and rising tensions in Athena after his brother's death.


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'Athena' is a movie that builds fiction from a real problem in today's French society: police racial violence in marginalized sectors of French society. The story deals with the social explosion in the French neighborhood of the same name, after a young man of North African descent is beaten to death by the police and his brothers are drawn into the fight. The most interesting thing is that its director Romain Gavras - mainly known for music videos with a strong social message - gives the film an immersive aesthetic where sequences, beautiful images and complex framings realistically portray a savagery that is not far from what is seen every day in the news.



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After the death of his youngest brother following an alleged police altercation, Abdel is called back from the frontline to find his family torn apart. Caught between his younger brother Karim's desire for revenge and the criminal dealings of his older brother Moktar, he struggles to calm the rising tensions. As the situation escalates, their community Athena is transformed into a fortress under siege, becoming a scene of tragedy for both the family and beyond…

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