Chor Nikal Ke BhagaChor Nikal Ke Bhaga
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Chor Nikal Ke BhagaMovie on Netflix

A flight attendant and her partner attempt a diamond heist on a plane, but a hostage situation ensues.


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An exclusive Indian thriller on Netflix in which a flight attendant and her boyfriend, deep in debt, decide to steal some valuable diamonds aboard a plane. What could go wrong? Everything, when they discover that a gang of kidnappers is also on board with their own agenda. Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga is somewhat predictable, and its beginning is a bit slow. However, it fully embraces the absurdity and tension of its premise once the protagonists' plan goes wrong. It's not an essential movie, but it is very entertaining.



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Plot summary

A flight attendant and her business partner on a mission to steal diamonds and free themselves from the clutches of a loan shark. At 40,000 feet in the air, the heist goes horribly wrong and turns into a hostage situation.

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