Sea of Time

Former lovers reunite to confront the tragedy that tore them apart.
Theu Boermans
Drama2023116 min
Sea of TimeSea of Time


Why watch this film?

If you like intense and emotional dramas, 'Beyond Time' is for you. The movie portrays the story of Lucas and Johanna, a couple who lost their son in a boating accident in the 80s. Thirty-five years later, they reunite and must face the past and uncover secrets that have been kept for decades. The movie is based on a true story, which makes the plot even more touching. In addition, the scenes in the ocean and on a sailboat are beautiful and guarantee an incredible visual experience. The movie is an emotionally charged journey of love, loss, and courage.



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Two former lovers find themselves struggling for shared closure as one of them prepares to stage a play about the unspeakable tragedy that tore them apart decades ago.

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