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Bed Rest

Pregnant Julie (Melissa Barrera) faces her past demons and the supernatural while on mandatory bed rest.


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Julie Rivers (Melissa Barrera) has been fighting for years to have a family, and she finally gets pregnant again. However, she is forced to go on bed rest during the pregnancy, which leaves her anxious and bored. Soon, strange things start happening in her house, and Julie is forced to face her past demons and the supernatural. Besides the intriguing plot of Bed Rest, which speaks a lot about the fears of motherhood, the movie features good direction from Lori Evans Taylor: the suspense and horror scenes are carefully built, creating a tense and disturbing atmosphere like a boiling cauldron. But will this cauldron explode or are these empty threats? The ending and the tone of the movie, quite different from the trailer, may disappoint.



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After years of struggling to start a family, Julie Rivers is pregnant again and moving into a new home with her husband as they embrace a fresh start. Upon being ordered to mandatory bed rest, Julie begins to slowly unravel as she suffers through the monotony and anxiety of her new constraints. Soon, terrifying ghostly experiences in the home begin to close in on Julie, stirring up her past demons and causing others to question her mental stability. Trapped and forced to face her past and the supernatural, Julie fights to protect herself and her unborn baby

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