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Man of Steel

A man with extraordinary powers must save the world from annihilation and become a symbol of hope.


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The story is one you already know: a baby is sent by his parents from a faraway, dying planet, gaining great powers while living on Earth. Raised by a family in the heartland of America, he develops the values of Western society and grows to become the great protector of the planet. But in this version, director Zack Snyder (‘Watchmen’) incorporates the cynicism and despair of the modern world both in its story and in its aesthetic – a dark visual that set the trend for films to come. The titular character is played by actor Henry Cavill, who makes clear in his performance the displacement felt by Superman, who can’t feel like one of the humans. Unfortunately, the movie loses its way in its final act, failing to build up the heroic aspect of the protagonist – although that doesn’t erase the merits of ‘Man of Steel’ as a well-built blockbuster with epic scenes.



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A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.

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