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Fantasy Island

A group of guests arrive at a magical island resort, but their fantasies turn into nightmares.


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It's hard to say what the goal of 'Fantasy Island' is. Is it to scare? Is it to make you laugh? Is it to be some kind of alternate fantasy? There are many possibilities for interpretation of this feature film by Jeff Wadlow (‘Truth or Dare’), which adapts the classic homonymous series from the 1970s and 1980s to the big screen. And that is perceptible in the filmmaker's own filmography, which he has commanded with bestial comedy (‘The True Story of a False Killer’), sports movie (‘Breaking Rules’), sequels of celebrated films (‘Kick-Ass 2’) and a teenage horror (‘Truth or Dare’). ‘Fantasy Island’ seems like a big mix of all of this. There's chasing, there's zombies, there's alternate reality, there's cheesy twists, there's jumpscares to scare groups of teenagers. A mishmash. The fact is that this is a production that has not been taken seriously since its conception, even with a strong cast (Michael Peña, Lucy Hale, Michael Rooker) and, in the same way, should not be taken seriously by the audience. Those who don't mind plot holes, shortcuts, exaggerated moments and silly things that come up can have fun and wonder: what would my fantasy be?



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A horror adaptation of the popular '70s TV show about a magical island resort.

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