The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights
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The Living Daylights

A spy investigates a global arms deal with major consequences.


Why watch this film?

'The Living Daylights' marks the debut of a new actor as James Bond, Timothy Dalton. With the change, the Eon production company took the opportunity to change the franchise. The camp tone is out and a more serious interpretation of the protagonist comes in, aligned with the action movies of the time, even with some jokes here and there. Still in the times of the Cold War, the story deals with Soviet political favors and the KGB. It is not one of the most remembered films of the character, but it honors the legacy of Sean Connery and is the last chapter of the series to have the soundtrack composed by the iconic John Barry (which, in itself, is already enough reason to watch).



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Plot summary

James Bond is sent to investigate a KGB policy to kill all enemy spies and uncovers an arms deal that potentially has major global ramifications.

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