The Murder of Nicole Brown SimpsonThe Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson
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The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

A murder mystery unfolds as Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are killed in her home in 1994.


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There are several productions that have already talked about the investigation and trial involving athlete O. J. Simpson. The most famous was the series 'American Crime Story', led by Ryan Murphy, and which plunged into the alleged crimes committed by the North American--not to mention the spectacle around the trial and the famous chase scene. However, now the movie 'The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson' turns the story around and does what should have been done a long time ago: gives voice to the murdered woman. Although Daniel Farrands' direction ('The Amityville Murders') is highly problematic, with lack of rhythm at times, it is interesting to change the angle on this story and understand a little more about what surrounds this figure. Interesting for those who like criminal stories and, especially, like to feed some conspiracy theories--as was also the case with 'The Curse of Sharon Tate', another movie by the same director.



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In 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered in her Los Angeles home by whom most believe to be O.J Simpson. But what role did Glen Rogers, also known as the Casanova Killer play in their death?

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