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Law of Desire

A gay filmmaker struggles with an obsessive fan while longing for his true love.


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"La Ley del Deseo" tells the story of a homosexual theater director who gets involved in an obsessive and toxic romance. As with most of Pedro Almodóvar's films, we again see a discussion about religion and moral values spiced up with love, sex, and criticism of the Catholic Church. Laden with irony, this tragic story is essential to understanding the rawer side of Almodóvar's cinema. In addition to a good script, photography, soundtrack (which includes a version by Brazilian singer Maysa of "Ne Me Quitte Pas"), and the brilliant direction of the Spanish filmmaker, "La Ley del Deseo" also features excellent performances by Antonio Banderas and Carmen Maura. Without a doubt, this is one of Pedro Almodóvar's best (and most personal) works.



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A gay filmmaker becomes involved with an obsessive fan while still pining for his absent true love. Meanwhile, he shares a close but complex relationship with his trans sister, an actress.

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