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A overlooked father seeks revenge after a robbery leads to a boiling point.


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It's as strange as it is timely that Bob Odenkirk (from 'Better Call Saul') is the star of this action movie: 'Nobody' is like watching the 'John Wick' saga, but filtered through the themes from 'Breaking Bad' about the importance and frustrations of family life, as well as the intoxicating power of violence, all from an ironic, self-aware perspective reminiscent of the best 1980s action movies. The action sequences don't disappoint under the direction of Russian Ilya Naishuller ('Hardcore: Extreme Mission'), and Odenkirk ends up being a protagonist you can easily sympathize with.



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Hutch is a nobody. As an overlooked and underestimated father and husband, he takes life's indignities on the chin and never rocks the boat. But when his daughter loses her beloved kittycat bracelet in a robbery, Hutch hits a boiling point no one knew he had. What happens when a pushover finally pushes back? Hutch flips from regular dad to fearless fighter by taking his enemies on a wild ride of explosive revenge.

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