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Made In Italy

A grieving father and son reconnect in Italy to sell their inherited house.


Why watch this film?

Perhaps the most interesting point of this family drama is the fact that it is starred by Liam Neeson and Micheál Richardson, the son he had with Natasha Richardson, the sadly deceased actress in 2009. That is to say, with its premise of father and son who reunite in Italy to fix the house that was left to them by their deceased wife and mother, 'Made In Italy' draws a parallel between its characters and the real life of the actors who portray them. Aside from that, few highlights: a syrupy and clichéd script, with a staging full of pleasant faces and beautiful landscapes, but little originality or well-drawn drama.



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A bohemian artist travels from London to Italy with his estranged son to sell the house he inherited from his late wife.

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