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A hotel manager faces addiction and financial troubles while dealing with a disruptive couple.


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There is no doubt that Marco Ricca is one of the greatest actors in Brazil. Just watch 'Canastra Suja', 'Hebe: A Estrela do Brasil' and 'Chatô'. But what a great role he plays in 'Lamento', an interesting feature film about a hotel manager (Ricca) entering a spiral of obsession and addiction. It all starts when a strange couple pays for a night in room 31. From then on, chaos ensues: noise, destruction, drug use, screaming and so on. But instead of calling the police, Ricca's character starts to go crazy with the couple while also trying to solve the complicated financial situation of the hotel - which also affects his marriage. It's a disturbing movie, which doesn't leave the viewer passive with what's happening, and which plays with the narrative, making small digressions that can confuse the most inattentive and disconnected audiences.



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Elder manages the hotel inherited from his father throughout his life. In his hands the hotel went from a luxury resort to a hotel on the verge of bankruptcy. He is the portrait of a people whose life was easy but at the height of his fifties he faces the consequences of a life of excess with an erratic and cyclical addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

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