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Ma Ma

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer finds strength in family and happiness.


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Starring (and produced by) Penélope Cruz ('Volver'), 'Ma ma' is the type of drama whose intense situations can bring tears, but also emotion and inspiration. The story is about a woman who, unemployed, is diagnosed with breast cancer. Things couldn't be worse, but she faces the challenge with bravery and all her vital strength, strengthening ties with her family and experiencing moments of true happiness. It's the type of movie that can be painful and even a bit tearful, but can change perspectives.



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Plot summary

Academy Award®-winning actress and producer Penélope Cruz delivers an extraordinarily emotional performance in ma ma, the newest film from acclaimed director Julio Medem (SEX AND LUCÍA). Honoring the high melodrama of Pedro Almodóvar and Douglas Sirk, ma ma follows Magda (Cruz) as she experiences tragedies and miracles alike. Just as Magda is diagnosed with breast cancer, she meets Arturo (Luis Tosar), a devoted husband and father in the midst of unspeakable loss. Their chance encounter leads both down a path of strength, grace, love, and rebirth.

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