Born On the Fourth of July

Oliver Stone

144 min

Born On the Fourth of JulyBorn On the Fourth of July


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This is Tom Cruise's first major performance in his career, as he plays Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic - and that alone makes the movie worth watching. But the work is more than that, becoming a true experience about the Vietnam War. Watch to understand what drove so many young men to sacrifice for their country, and so many others to criticize the US's interventionist policy.



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Based on a true story, follow the life of a young man, Kovic from a zealous teen who eagerly volunteers for the Vietnam War, to an embittered veteran paralyzed from the mid-chest down. Deeply in love with his country, Kovic returned to an environment vastly different from the one he left, and struggled before emerging as a brave new voice for the disenchanted.

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