A director attempts to give voice to Sycorax, the silenced character in Shakespeare's The Tempest.
    Lois PatiñoMatías Piñeiro
    Drama202221 min


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    A short film directed by Lois Patiño ('Luna Roja') and Matías Piñeiro ('Isabella'), loosely adapting William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', with the distinction of giving voice to a character that has no lines in the original: the titular 'Sycorax'. A cinematic exercise with a dreamy atmosphere, halfway between cinema and theater, which will undoubtedly be loved by lovers of both arts.



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    Mother of Caliban and imprisoner of Ariel, Sycorax remains offstage in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, dismissed by Prospero as an “evil sorceress”. Here she becomes the central subject, as a director attempts to give a face and voice to this silenced character.

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