Thirteen LivesThirteen Lives
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Thirteen Lives

A group of young soccer players and their coach are trapped in flooded caves in Thailand, and a rescue mission is launched to save them.


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Nothing will be more shocking than seeing on the screen (even if it's fiction) the rescue of a youth soccer team trapped in the Tham Luang cave in Thailand in 2018. Far from being a sensational movie, Oscar-winning director Ron Howard ('Han Solo: A Star Wars Story') and screenwriter William Nicholson approach this real-life drama in a very intelligent and practical way to bring it to a terrifying and sometimes moving climax, but with a relieving ending. The cast is extremely attractive, featuring performances by Viggo Mortensen ('Crimes of the Future'), Colin Farrell ('Batman') and Joel Edgerton ('Obi-Wan Kenobi').



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A rescue mission is assembled in Thailand where a group of young boys and their soccer coach are trapped in a system of underground caves that are flooding.

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