Between Two DawnsBetween Two Dawns
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Between Two Dawns

Kadir faces a moral dilemma after a worker's injury impacts his family and dreams.


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Directed and written by Salman Nacar, a first-time feature filmmaker, 'Iki Safak Arasinda' brings a moral dilemma reminiscent of Asghar Farhadi's ('The Past', 'A Separation') cinema. The plot is a dry, absolutely realistic and relatable story: Kadir is forced to make a moral decision after a worker is severely injured at his family's business, which will impact his dreams, his family and the life of the injured worker's wife. Strong and challenging, the feature film takes the viewer out of their comfort zone without mercy and makes them reflect on the paths of our decisions in other people's lives.



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After a worker is severely injured in their family business, Kadir is forced into making a moral decision, which will have an impact on his dreams, his family and the life of the injured worker’s wife.

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