The Festival of TroubadoursThe Festival of Troubadours
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The Festival of TroubadoursMovie on Netflix

A father and son reunite after 25 years to heal old wounds on a journey to a troubadour festival.


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"Asiklar Bayrami" is a touching film based on the novel written by Kemal Varol, about a father and son who reunite after 25 years to embark on a journey and, along the way, heal some wounds. It is a journey within two broken and conflicting characters that must save their family relationship. Director Özcan Alper is used to making films about tormented characters, often surrounded by guerrillas and social conflicts. However, here his characters face the loneliness of the countryside and their own ghosts from the past, which offers an interesting landscape.



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An unexpected reunion between a traveling musician and his son opens old wounds as the two set out on a long journey to a troubadour festival.

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