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A group of soldiers confronts their mortality and the futility of war in three different conflicts.


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"Foxhole," directed by Jack Fessenden, is a gripping war drama that follows a small group of soldiers trapped in a confined space over 36 hours in three separate wars: The American Civil War, World War I, and Iraq. The film explores the soldiers' struggles with mortality, futility, and an increasingly volatile combat situation. The performances of the cast, including Motell Gyn Foster, Alex Hurt, and Cody Kostro, are outstanding, and the direction by Fessenden is masterful. The film's cinematography, production design, and original music are also noteworthy. "Foxhole" is a thought-provoking and emotional film that offers a unique perspective on the horrors of war. It's a must-watch for anyone interested in war dramas or historical fiction. Overall, "Foxhole" is a powerful and unforgettable film that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.



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Over 36 hours in three different wars, a small group of soldiers grapples with mortality, futility and an increasingly volatile combat situation.

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