Father and SoldierFather and Soldier
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Father and Soldier

A father and his 17-year-old son are recruited to fight in World War I, facing the horrors of war together in Senegal.


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Starring Omar Sy (Friends), Father and Soldier is a French-Senegalese war drama that was selected for the Cannes 2022 Un Certain Regard section. Sy, who is also a producer of the film, delivers an outstanding performance that is out of his comfort zone, while the plot, based on a little-told story from World War I, is an emotional portrait of the father-son relationship. The movie is an interesting proposition to examine French colonialism, and was a box office success in France.



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During World War I, a father enlists himself in the French Army in order to be with his 17-year-old son who was recruited against his will. Sent to the front, they find themselves facing the war together in the French colony of Senegal.

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