The 12th ManThe 12th Man
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The 12th Man

A Norwegian soldier survives Nazi capture and embarks on a frozen odyssey.


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This is the true story of Jan Baalsrud, a Norwegian soldier who was the sole survivor of a group of 12 fighters during World War II. From there begins a frozen odyssey that reminds us, in some moments, of Alejandro G. Iñárritu's 'The Revenant.' Director Harald Zwart (of the remake of 'Karate Kid') commands the suspense scenes with authenticity and manages to make the character's suffering palpable. Thomas Gullestad, who plays the heroic survivor, has a solid performance, even if the rest of the cast doesn't stand out. However, it's the spectacular images, the timeless message about Nazi brutality, and the unique details of this historical narrative that make it an exceptional movie.



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