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All Is True

Renowned playwright faces his final days with introspection and reflection.


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Oscar-winning Kenneth Branagh has a personal (or, rather, passionate) relationship with William Shakespeare. At 28, he adapted, directed and starred in 'Henry V' - today, he adds no less than six cinematic adaptations of works by the master of British drama. That said, 'All Is True' stands out for two reasons: it is the first Shakespeare-related film Branagh has made in over ten years and it is the first time he plays the author himself. The drama offers first-rate performances from Branagh and Judi Dench, exquisite cinematography and a script that provides good information about the writer. However, it fails to sentimentalize the motivations behind the characters' actions. Still, it is a beautiful portrait of one of the most important fans and scholars of Shakespeare's work, which deserves to be appreciated.



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A look at the final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare.

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