Being the Ricardos

Lucy and Desi face a career-ending crisis and a marriage-ending crisis.
Aaron Sorkin
Drama2021131 min
Being the RicardosBeing the Ricardos


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Lucille Ball was one of the most important people in the history of audiovisual and radio in the United States. A talented actress with a knack for comedy, Ball understood dramaturgy like no one else and also showed herself to be a powerful woman behind the cameras - being the first woman to preside over an important Hollywood studio, Desilu. In 'Being the Ricardos', screenwriter and director Aaron Sorkin ('The 7 of Chicago') seeks to reveal a little of who the actress was and her ex-husband, Cuban Desi Arnaz, telling the backstage of a week of recordings of the series 'I Love Lucy' (the first sitcom in history, in a format created by the couple). And it's not just any week: Sorkin condenses in a few days, in addition to the conflicts of the recordings, countless remarkable facts for the protagonists - such as when Ball was accused of being a communist and the announcement of the pregnancy of her second child. Until then, no female character appeared pregnant on TV, something that the couple was also about to change. With this, we have an interesting historical record, which will certainly please fans of backstages and media history - even if the script, which was already Sorkin's strong point, is lacking due to some choices. You won't find the humor of 'I Love Lucy' here, but good acidic jokes and a Lucille Ball in a masterful performance by Nicole Kidman. In the end, there is the taste not only of seeing more Kidman on stage, but also of delving even further into the lives of the biographers.



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Follows Lucy and Desi as they face a crisis that could end their careers and another that could end their marriage.

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