Tucker: The Man and His DreamTucker: The Man and His Dream
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Tucker: The Man and His Dream

A visionary engineer creates a modern, safe and affordable car, but faces opposition from Detroit's Big Three auto manufacturers.


Why watch this film?

This is perhaps one of the least remembered films of director Francis Ford Coppola - famous for such longs as 'The Godfather' and 'Apocalypse Now' - which makes 'Tucker: The Man and His Dream' a rare gem that should always be watched and suggested. The story is about Preston Tucker, an engineer who decided to create the car that the three big Detroit factories did not want: modern, safe and at a fair price. The project became the Tucker 48 (also known as "Toperdo"), and included directional headlights and integrated santantonio - and even developed, but did not implement, disc brakes, magnesium wheels and fuel injection. The initiative brought the wrath of GM, Ford and Chrysler, who lobbied for Tucker to be accused of fraud. It is an ode to the pursuit of the realization of our dreams, but also a libel of how the capitalism of the large corporations kills innovation and innovators. All this accompanied by a great performance by Jeff Bridges in the title role. It is worth noting that Coppola and George Lucas (who is the executive producer of the film) are extremely passionate about Tucker's legacy and his car, which makes this production even more emotional for those who made it and for those who watch.



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Plot summary

Preston Tucker, a dynamic automotive visionary, is determined to create the car of the future. Against all odds, Tucker builds the Tucker Torpedo, and the better, safer and more beautiful his car becomes the more opposition stiffens until his factory is shut down by Detroit’s Big Three auto manufacturers. Now Tucker must fight for his American Dream.

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